Who We Are


My name is Juliana.

I am 28 years old, but I often get mistaken for 19, 20, 21… I hope that is a testament to my dietary selections. I was a vegetarian for almost ten years but would now classify myself as a flexitarian who is now discovering the world of raw veganism.

I have been around the block when it comes to exploring food, supplements and alternative medicine. I can honestly say that the most life-changing and health-improving things I’ve learned have been from researching food and being very careful about what I eat. I’ve lived through years of trial and error to know what supplements my body really needs and have done a lot of research on health and wellness online and at the library, and in doing so I have discovered natural solutions to whatever ails me. I spent the past 6 years working with various practitioners (TCM, Homeopathy, Naturopathy…etc.) and have finally realized that true changes in my own health could not be handed to me by someone else for a price. It came from deep within.

Anything is possible if you have the will to change.




My name is Julia

I am 32 and I started eating vegan five years ago. Recently I started to eat 80% raw vegan and gluten free. I feel better than ever, and people at the gym have been asking me what I am doing differently. As someone who was part of the childhood obesity epidemic, I have learned to change my relationship with food. I use it to nourish my body and to achieve the best sport performance possible. Over the years I have experimented with pre and post-workout performance enhancing food. I can honestly say that I have spent countless hours researching holistic approaches to nutrition and I find it Euphoric. However, I have learned through experience that it is equally important to take time to listen to your body to know how certain foods make you feel. Since I have eaten raw vegan and gluten-free I feel fabulous. I am so energized and ALIVE!!! I can think more clearly and I can do longer workouts. I can even stay up later than I used to. Some of my favourite raw vegan treats are raw vegan pizza and chocolate pudding. I love anything with nut butter, but most of the time I just crave a big kale salad!!!

As a personal trainer, nutritionist and kinesiology graduate, I really enjoy keeping active. I currently teach full day kindergarten during the day and am the Chair of the Health and Wellness Committee at the school. I went into the teaching profession because I believe that in order to make a change and inspire the world to be healthy and keep active, we have to begin with our youth. They will be the future leaders. I am very proud that each year for the past 3 years I have hosted an annual Aerobathon in the evening to promote health and wellness in our school community. Last year we had approximately 100 people attend. One of my favourite things to do is run, especially outdoors. I also participate in hot yoga and pilates. I feel strongly about being in touch with nature and my spiritual side, which is why gardening is another favourite past time. I have flowers, organic vegetables and herbs in my garden. Fresh herbs always taste better in recipes!

I am married to a wonderful man who shares my interest in outdoor sports, and nutrition. Together we cycle in the city, we snowboard in the winter months and we plan multiple walks on the beach (which sounds like a cliché but is absolutely us). He is very supportive with my choice in being a raw vegan foodie, and is an excellent sport and an honest critic, when it comes to taste testing all my creations!

Fear is a temporary emotion, but regret is fatal. Choose to go about life’s journey with faith, follow-through and fire. Let your passion feed your fire!


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