Tastes like Sushi Rolls


I came up with the recipe when making a cauliflower rice salad and adding some tahini to the left overs gave me a great idea. If you like sushi as much as I do, here is an alternative that tastes and looks just like sushi without the glutinous rice!!

You will need…
2 sheets of nori Seaweed
2 cups of Cauliflower (shredded in rice in a food processor)
1 tsp mirin (or rice wine vinegar)
1 tsp lemon juice
4 tbsp tahini

sliced seeded cucumber
carrot sticks
broccoli sprouts (or any other sprouts)
sliced avocado
Sliced Mango
olive oil marinated mushrooms

coconut Aminos
pickled ginger

In a medium size bowl mix all of the ingredients except for the nori and filling. Place a sheet or nori on a bamboo sushi rolling mat and cover the nori with half of the cauliflower rice, leaving about half an inch of nori boarder all the way around. Approximately 1/3 of the way place the sliced cucumber and broccoli sprouts. Don’t put too much or the rolls will not close. You can also add avocado and carrots, or any other vegetables or fruit that you like. Starting with the side closest to the filling, roll the wrap until there are no more edges. Press tightly with the bamboo mat. You can use coconut aminos or water to help seal the wrap at the end. Cut into 1 inch slices (each wrap should make 8 slices) with a sharp knife. Repeat each of these steps with the second nori sheet. To serve place a side of pickled ginger and wasabi, and a small bowl of coconut aminos as a dipping sauce.

Serves 2



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