Rainforest Organics Chocolate Bar


Yum!!! This is what I have to say about Rainforest Organics Sanchi Inchi 70% Dark Chocolate Bars. Juliana and I received this bar at the Whole Life Expo in November, and decided to try it at our Fermenting Party in December. It tastes like pure dark Chocolate, however, what differentiates this bar from others is the crunchy, yet creamy texture of the Sanchi Inchi seeds inside. In my opinion, they have just the right amount of texture to satisfy my raw vegan palate. Just half of this chocolate bar contains 2 grams of omega 3 fatty acids and 1 grams of of omega 6 fatty acids, as well as 7 grams of protein.
My favourite part about Rainforest Organics is that all of their products are fairly traded. They work with organic farmers and indigenous people in the Peruvian Amazon. I feel better about purchasing a product where the ingredients are harvested in environmentally friendly ways. You can go to their website for a list of other products that can be purchased from Rainforest Organics such as coffee, camu camu, pure cane sugar, maca, olives and much more. They also have a line of Maca specifically for men and specifically for women. I look forward to trying their dehydrated olives next time I purchase one of their products in stores.

Juliraw gives this Chocolate Bar 5 Sanchi Inchi stars out of 5



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