Whole Life Expo

Juliraw’s Review:

I can’t think of anything that I would have rather done on my birthday than spend a few hours in the afternoon at the Whole Life Expo with Juliana Jade. It took place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from Friday November 21 to Sunday November 24, 2013.

Why go to a Whole Life Expo? Most of the healthy whole food, lifestyle and beauty products that you see in stores, or are just starting to have their products available in stores hold booths. You can sample different foods and not feel guilty about it because they are good for you! Not to mention, you can sample the products before you buy them in bulk and may not be satisfied with them. Products are sold at the show, but beware because many of the products are the same price as in stores or perhaps a couple dollars cheaper. The small amount you pay to enter the expo makes up the difference. However, I did find a deal at the Upaya’s Naturals booth on Kelp noodles and I was able to get 3 packs of goji berries from Sun Life Goji for $20. This was a ‘steal’.

Here are some of the highlights on my visit:

When we entered the event, we were given a Healthy Planet bag to fill with flyers and other items that we purchase. I purchased a coconut mandarin body and hand balm. It has all natural ingredients and it makes me smell like chocolate truffles.


The first booth that really got my attention was the Rise Kombucha booth. The flavours were so tasty. My favourites were the ginger and the spiruila flavour. If you twittered a picture of yourself holding a bottle, you could win a case of kombucha at the end of the show. If there was ever a time where I felt as if I needed data on my phone, this was it!!


We also met a local hemp seed farmer from Purity Hemp Products Incorporated. They sell hulled hempseed that is grown without herbicides and pesticides, and best of all they are located locally in Peterborough, Ontario. We were given a taste of their hempseed oil and it went down so divinely!


Upaya Naturals, who specialize in raw vegan foods and kitchen equipment, were demoing vegan chocolate and it was amazing. Although it was quite expensive, $8.99 for each of heart shaped bars, the flavours were absolutely amazing. At the booth we met Amanda, who provided us the information about the bars and samples to try. Upaya Naturals has made a chocolate that tastes exactly like the milk-chocolate that I remember in my non-vegan days, but without the ‘moo’.
Upon our travels to the different booths, we discovered a company called “RawFoodz” that provided samples of their raw vegan butter and salad dressings. I was never a huge fan of butter, but this product was better than butter and most of the ingredients organic. This product can be found in some of the large health food stores such as “The Big Carrot”. I totally recommend it!

At the end of the trade show I felt excited about new products that I tried and I felt full and energized by the yummy vitamins and minerals we ate!


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