Fermenting For DUMMIES

Whether you are someone looking for a way to boost you immune system, want to learn more about how to get the most nutrition out of your food, have digestive health concerns, or you are just excited about something fun and new in the kitchen (like me), Fermenting For Dummies is for you. There are recipes in the book that are for the beginner ‘fermenter’, and there are ones for those who are experts in the field.

Sesame TempehCoconut Yogurt
There are over 100+ recipes in the book, many of which are raw vegan. In the past couple of weeks I tried the Sesame Miso-Crusted Tempeh (Vegan), the Country Miso Soup (Vegan), and the Coconut Yogurt (Raw Vegan). Above are some of the pictures to demonstrate how delicious they were. It took me a few attempts to make the coconut yogurt just right. However, with Marni’s step-by-step detailed directions and tips on “Making yogurt without the moo” I was able to make this yummy treat on my second attempt. I used a couple spoons of coconut yogurt for the live culture and the agar powder instead of the flakes.

I am somewhat of a beginner, so I really appreciated the user friendliness of the book. The first four chapters are dedicated to the history of fermentation, how to make your very first Sauerkraut, the benefits of fermentation as well as what you will need in terms of ingredients and equipment. I really appreciated the advice on which salts and sugars to use and which are not that good for you or will not provide the most health benefits. If you thought that cabbage and yogurt are the only things that can be fermented, well you will be in for a surprise when you find out all of the recipes that this book has to offer in term of foods with active enzymes. With this tool, you can make fermented vegetables of all kinds, fruit and nut chutney’s, sourdough spelt bread, spreads and dips such as salsa and guacamole, your own condiments such as sunflower seed sour creams, ketchup, and honey mustard, non-dairy and dairy cheeses, cured meats, as well as believe it or not, your own homemade wine, ciders, kefirs, beer, other non-alcoholic carbonated drinks and much more.

Kombucha has been given a lot of attention in the media lately about the health benefits that one can receive from this tasty carbonated tea that is full of live healthy cultures. It must also go through a fermentation process. Why buy it in the store, when you can make your own, over and over again with the easy steps in this book.

There are some recipes that you will need specific ingredients for, such as for the Kombucha. The online stores that you can purchase them from are at the back of the book. A little bird did tell me though that some stores here in Toronto will be carrying the Kombucha Scoby’s very soon. Stay tuned to our site for updates. In the mean time Juliana Jade and I have decided to have a fermenting party in the beginning of december to make our family and friends some tasty fermented treats for Christmas. What a beautiful way to say “I love you” to your closest compadres by giving something that is from the heart and good for their gut!

Juliraw rates this book 5 kombuchas out of 5



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