Food Studio and Lifestyle Shop

On Wednesday November 6, 2013 I went to a free evening lecture on ways to boost your immune system through eating whole foods. This workshop was held at Marni Wasserman’s new Food Studio and Lifestyle Shop located Upstairs at 510 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario. Marni is one of my idols in the whole food vegan industry, and I am a frequent follower of her blog. She began her whole foods journey by taking her kinesiology degree at York University. Her love for whole foods lead her to then take Holistic Nutrition at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto. Later, she travelled to New York to study at a Culinary School. She recently opened her studio in June. Needless to say, she has a wealth of education to share with the world!
When I walked into the studio I was instantly attracted to the warm, yet modern features of the kitchen. On display were Marni’s own products that she sells (i.e. The warm rooibos infused tea that we were able to taste test) as well as products that Marni truly supports and believes in, and endorses (i.e., sunwarrior proteins and supergreens, and much more). Marni opened her pantry up for us to see what she uses on a daily basis to boost her immune system. I was greeted with a warm welcome by Marni and Erika, who provided healthy treats for all of us participants attending the lecture. I would describe Marni as a “real person”, wanting to spread her knowledge of health and wellness with the community.

The workshop was very humbling because I thought that I knew a lot about the immune system, but there is always more to be learned and Marni had a lot of amazing tips about how to boost the immune system on a plant based whole food diet. I learned so much, and went home feeling refreshed and alive from the new knowledge that I gained. Each participant received a free giveaway (i.e., yin yoga session and $50 off Marni’s cooking classes). You must try one of her classes. Visit Marni Wasserman’s link for more details on her upcoming cooking courses and lectures offered this month. She also offers Full Day Urban Retreats. I am particularly excited that Marni will be providing a course entitled Culinary Nutrition in the Kitchen.

Fermenting FOR DUMMIES
During my visit Marni Provided me a copy of her new book “Fermenting For Dummies”. During her lecture Marni mentioned that her two favourite recipes from this book are the Miso Soup and the Marinated Tempeh recipes. I am going to try these two recipes, and I will post a review of her new book on our site. I want to personally thank Mari for her hospitality and generosity during my visit! I will be back next week for the Indoor Gardening Workshop!

I give Marni’s Food Studio and Lifestyle Shop 5 coconuts out of 5.



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