Money Saving Eco-Solutions

Did your last health food store purchase not work out the way you planned and now you’re stuck with a product? Here is a list of healthy tips and tricks that I’ve learned on my wellness journey.

  1. Bogus conditioners: I am always on the hunt for a great natural conditioner that won’t tangle my long hair. In my experience, 99% of the natural conditioners I have tried all leave some kind of residue or make my hair snarl into one big dreadlock. So what do I do with all of those bottles of once-used natural conditioners? I rub it on my legs and use it as shaving gel! It makes my legs super soft and makes me feel a bit better about not totally wasting my money.
  2. Wrong bentonite Clay: I bought the wrong type of bentonite clay by mistake (the kind you cannot ingest).. and because I had already opened the container, it couldn’t be returned. So now I am stuck with a huge $20 container of bentonite. In addition to using it for clay facials, I also lightly dust some onto a big face brush and blend it in to my 100% Pure foundation in the summer. It’s mattifying and totally natural! Lastly, I use bentonite clay on my eyelids as a mattifying primer before sweeping on eyeshadow. Now I will have a great mattifying cosmetic for the next 20 years!
  3. There was a sale on floral water: I am a regular in my favourite health food shops and when I see something on sale, I tend to go overboard and buy five of something just to cash in on the great price. The problem is, natural products have expiry dates and I use things up very, very slowly. If you have floral water that you bought for one purpose, but are needing to use up the bottle, you can use it instead of water in your facial mask recipes, as a facial toner, to spritz onto your pillows before bedtime, and as a base for your own bug repellent recipe (visit back to see my special bug repellent recipe for summer!). Different floral waters do different things, so be careful where and how you apply them to your body.
  4. Ineffective Probiotics: So you bought a bottle of probiotics and they aren’t giving you the desired results? Instead of wishing you had saved your money, keep your bottle of probiotics and open up the capsules when needed to use in coconut yogurt and cashew cheese recipes.

Are you in a bind in or away from home and need a healthy solution? Here are more tips I came up with in a jam…

  1. Kitchen Oil: When I’m sleeping over somewhere and I’ve forgotten to bring my coconut/shea oil blend to remove my eye-makeup, I wander in to the kitchen and sneak a bottle of any type of natural oil (olive, sunflower, sesame….). I make a square of toilet paper and tilt the oil onto the square – then I use the impromptu makeup removing pad to wipe off all the mascara and shadow from my eyes. Works like a charm every time!
  2. Aloe Plant: Once upon a time, I used to use that $15 bottle of lime-green “aloe” gel from the drugstore that contained more alcohol, fragrance and dyes than actual aloe. I graduated to a $6 bottle health store brand that did contain actual aloe leaf gel but later realized that it was still filled with all sorts of other toxic sludge. Finally, I visited my local nursery and bought an aloe plant for $3 and it has not only supplied me with aloe for the last 2 years, but it has tripled in size. Not only do I rub it on my summer tan but I also filet it and blend it up in my smoothies too. It soothes the digestive tract, boosts the immune system, is great for the skin, and promotes a healthy gut flora – Not bad for $3! Find out how I got my plant to grow so fast with the next tip…
  3. Smoothie Residue: After I blend a smoothie, I fill up the container with water and swirl it around to get the residue off from the sides. Instead of pouring it back into the sink, I feed it to my plants and herbs. Not only does it make them greener but it helps my plants grow at a much faster rate!
  4. Salvage Expensive Natural Mascara: So as every green-girl knows, natural makeup ain’t cheap! To extend the life of your expensive natural mascara, add one or two drops of liquid vitamin D supplement to your mascara wand and swirl it back around the mascara case. Good vitamin D supplements are in a base of tocopherals (natural vitamin e), so not only will you be rehydrating your dry mascara but your will be nourishing your lashes as well. DO NOT attempt this more than once, as bacteria can run rampant in old cosmetics.
  5. Baking Soda Fixes (Almost) Everything: I mix baking soda and water or floral water to make a paste and use it as an exfoliator, I use baking soda mixed into toothpaste to whiten my teeth, I use baking soda with water to treat UTIs, and lastly, I use baking soda with water to kill unfriendly bacteria in my gut. When taken internally, I mix about a teaspoon of baking soda in 500 mL of water and chug it back. It is known to oxygenate your digestive tract, and as we know, oxygen kills unfriendly bacteria. Baking soda is also an anti fungal which is what helps to flush out that bad bacteria in the bladder as well. NOTE: If you are going to take baking soda internally, buy an ALUMINUM FREE formula (not mainstream brands) and do not use for an extended period of time.

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