Tips for the Aspiring Vegan

5 years ago I ate meat, dairy, soy and gluten. I was by no means a vegan. Sometimes I forget how far I have come over the years. While at the pilates studio this past week-end and when talking to a friend from the studio, I realized that although raw vegan food and lifestyle is attractive, like the picture of the pizza I just had for dinner, going completely raw vegan can be a little over-whelming at first. I should let everyone know that I really didn’t just become vegan over night, and that it took me 5 years to get to the place that I am in today, and I am still learning. This week I am going to dedicate myself to posting one tip a day for the aspiring vegan based on my experiences that I went through and on the steps that I took to fully nourish my body.

1. Replace Dairy products with Milk Alternatives
When I first learned about all of the hormones that our farm animals are being injected with and the treatment towards animals in factory farming, I decided to take milk out of my diet. This was the only change I made for the first little while. I loved milk in cereal and yogurt with granola. I also loved coffee with 2 milks. IMG_0637 Have fun discovering different milk alternatives (i.e., rice milk, coconut milk, almond milk) and different brands and flavours to find the one that you like the most. I personally like the Silk True Almond (vanilla-unsweetened) the best! I am also a big fan of the YOSO coconut yogurt as a treat! With the wide variety of products, you are sure to find one that you and your family will enjoy. If you are switching to a milk alternative, make sure you take a vitamin D supplement. I’m no doctor, however, in our climate, and especially in the dark month of November, most of us are probably deficient in this vitamin anyways.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you do not have the time to make your own nut milk from scratch. Instead, celebrate the fact that you are taking the first step in a positive lifestyle change!!

Visit our blog on Tuesday for the next step in my five year RAWnovation journey!


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