Body Metamorphosis Challenge

For the longest time, I have been trying to transform my body into a harder, leaner version of what it has become now in the colder months. Since the chaos of school has started again, I am back to not eating properly, workouts once a week (if I’m lucky!) and craving carbohydrates because my tank is always running on empty. Whoever said getting a degree in one year is easy is clearly insane!!

Every time I hang out with Julia, though, she inspires me to want to change my life around so that I can work out every single day and get my body as strong as it was 3 months ago; Back to those sunny summer days when I had time for 3 runs and 2 yoga classes a week… maybe even a swim if I was lucky. This is the year that I’ve decided that my body can no longer be seasonal.

I have found these fantastic workouts for free and this is the program I plan on challenging myself with… after I have built up a bit of stamina, of course. Then, I will begin this program. But for now, here are the posts from DailyHit. The girl in the videos is so incredible! Not only is her body shredded but she is so motivating! She is a certified personal trainer and knows what she is doing. Check out her 30-Day Challenge and challenge yourself if you dare! I can’t wait to put my stamina and body to the test!

NOTE: On the dates that are missing, you are supposed to repeat the same video until you get to the next date. For example, when it jumps from Day 5 to Day 7, you are repeating Day 5 twice.

It’s glow time!


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