Toronto Walks for Farm Animals


Carpe Diem – literally translates to ‘seize the day’, ’embark on a new adventure’ and ‘to make the most out of a part in time’.

Yesterday I “went for it!” with no regrets. It was a typical day. I was on my way from Kensington market to Queen street and Dufferin to try some thrift stores that I had never been to. I believe in not paying full market price for clothes and for supporting small local stores. After having lunch at a raw vegan restaurant and being asked by Moira, the owner, whether I was going on “the walk”, I decided to inquire about what this walk was all about?

At Trinity Bellwoods Park across the street, “The Farm Santuary” was organizing an approximately 2.7 mile walk for farm animals. I learned that the participants were walking to give a voice to farm animals (pigs, cows, dogs, chickens, and sheep, etc). They are the largest farm animal shelter in North America. They rescue animals from factory farms, stockyards, natural disasters, abuse and neglect cases. You can go to their website for more information Farm Sanctuary

The group had just left, so I decided to join them. On the walk, I met some amazing people. Sherri, and Jenny with her 4 year old daughter isabel, were very welcoming and immediately gave me a sign to hold. They also brought their dogs on the walk. Catherine and her daughter Rivi were also very inspirational. Catherine supports her daughter in everything she wants to do, and today was just one example. They held the sign at the front to lead the group across the finish line. I was absolutely touched to see all the people who made the day a family event. Involving their children of all ages (even babies) is going to make our world a more compassionate one to live in. Kudos to all of you!

So, I actually never went shopping yesterday, but I felt good about giving a donation to the Farm Sanctuary instead. It was money well spent!!


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