feelgoodguru: An Adventure for your Tastebuds

Yesterday I was out on Queen street heading west towards Dufferin, and I was feeling kind of famished in a raw vegan kind of way. I needed some nourishment. It was destiny that at that moment I stubbled upon a raw vegan restaurant called feelgoodguru. I found out that it just opened in June of 2012. I am so glad that I discovered this place because It was absolutely amazing! I was greeted by a friendly staff who answered all of my many questions. I always ask what everything is made of because of my dietary restrictions, and also what they recommend on the menu. Every ingredient was displayed in front of each entree on the wall behind the counter. The ladies working behind the counter prepared all of the dishes right in front of you. I decided to have the rainbow wrap and the super green smoothie. The cost was about $20 altogether and for the portion size that I was given it was very reasonable. Almost everything on the menu is gluten-free and feelgoodguru also does take-out, delivery, catering.

The owner, Moira, took the time to talk with me and answer my questions, she also let me know about the Farm Sanctuary Walk that was happening across the street. One of the best parts of this restaurant is the location. It is situated right across the street from Trinity Bellwoods Park. You can purchase your lunch and enjoy it sitting in the midst of beautiful nature! You can also sit inside. There is a bar and stools looking out at the view of the park.

I am really conscience of our carbon footprint and I am so excited that feelgoodguru prides themselves on using ZERO WASTE. The plant-based food that is served is locally grown and all of the food scrapes are composted back into the earth on which their farmers grow their food. What’s more is that they use a 2-stage carbon filtration system for their water and their take-out wrapping and containers are entirely compostable. This is my kind of place!!

IMG_0511The desserts looked so delicious and the Sexy Raw Carrot Cake was calling my name, but I just was so fully nourished that I could not eat another bite. I have been to many raw vegan restaurants in the city, but this one “rawks” in my book, and I am really critical. I absolutely recommend that you try this place. You won’t be disappointed. I am going to have to come back and bring my friends, and this time for dessert!!IMG_0509

If you like more information about this restaurant go this link feelgoodguru


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