Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

At the corner of Oxford Street and Augusta Avenue at the top of Kensington Market sits Romeo’s Juice Bar… oh, what a place! I came across this lovely little establishment after I decided that I was growing tired of being snubbed and unappreciated by the staff of another little juice place that I used to frequent. My boyfriend asked me why I continued to go to said unnamed juicery and eventually, I ran out of answers. The quality of juice was starting to go downhill as well. Eventually he took to his computer and found Romeo’s in Kensington Market – a genius idea since I’m always wandering around the market in search of vitamins and hippy-dippy knick knacks. It actually saddened me that I had never really noticed it before. You see, Romeo’s is at the north end of Augusta, out of sight for someone walking up to the market from the south. Additionally, it is on one of the side streets and if you blink, you just might miss it!



The best part about Romeo’s? Not only is there an infinite number of juice combinations to choose from (from the menu and custom made), but there is a smorgasbord of fruits, veggies and aloe leaves sweetly displayed as a mini market across the front of the store – all for sale! Talk about two birds… AND, if you are lactose intolerant or vegan, the good staff at Romeo’s will make your smoothie with almond milk. Now, a trip to Romeo’s has become part of my Kensington ritual and I love it.

In addition to the overwhelming options of juices and smoothies, this eccentric little hut also has a menu of sandwiches and salads filled with sprouts and tons of veggies. If you’re lucky, you might drop by during happy hour (between 2 – 4 p.m.) when for $5 you can get a small juice or smoothie and a sandwich. Luckily, if you are into gluten-free living [like I am], Romeo’s has gluten free bread – No one gets left out in the cold! Raw juices and smoothies, dairy-free alternatives, gluten free bread, and a laundry list of raw vegan fare… What more could a health conscious girl ask for?

In the summer you can find Romeo himself on the street, grilling up fresh pineapple slices on the barbeque. This summer, he introduced fresh watermelon juice and watermelon lemonade. They are the perfect summer refreshers. In the winter, the staff will invite you inside so you can enjoy your delicious juice or smoothie in the cozy little seating area. In fact, here is a photo of Julia and I at the beginning of our great friendship! We were the first people ever to sit inside the new and improved Romeo’s – fireplace and all. We felt so welcome by everyone there; Check out our photo tacked up to the wall…

Overall, Romeo’s Juice Bar in Kensington Market is a great little spot to buy juice and shoot the breeze with the eccentric and very sociable clientele on this side of the blender. The only downside for me is that in all the times I’ve gone there, I have never seen the same person working the blender twice – the staff is always changing around! Ultimately, you are never really given the chance to become a noticeable regular… Such a small price to pay for delightful juices and smoothies.



SERVICE – 5 [The staff is friendly, conversational and very accommodating of order modifications.]
PRICE – 4 [Romeo’s prices have been gradually increasing for some reason, but prices are still pretty reasonable.]
ATMOSPHERE – 5 [Everything is bright, colourful and kitschy – Very happy and inviting.]
FOOD – 5 [The menu is endless and prepared on the spot.]

Juliana gives Romeo’s Juice Bar 5 bananas out of 5!



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