Vega Obsession


When I began my raw vegan journey, I never thought that I would be eating chocolate pudding or strawberry creamsicles in the same way again. Now, I can not only enjoy these desserts as dairy, and gluten-free, but I don’t worry about the calories at all. How did I do this? I’m going to take you through the story that began my vega product obsession.

My infatuation with Vega products all started when I attended the Can Fit Pro Conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, which is held each year in August. It was there that I met Brendan Brazier. He is an former Ironman triathlete and a Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion, who trained on a plant based diet. The idea of training on a plant based diet is that plants are more digestible than meat and dairy products and therefore less energy will be spent on digestion and more energy will be available to use in your daily activities and to push harder in your workouts. Brendan Brazer developed a book entitled Whole Foods To Thrive and it is worth the read. I liked it so much that I purchased it. What’s more is that Brendan seemed very humble and honest when Mario was asking him questions about how to increase muscle mass on a plant based diet.

Vega One all-in-one nutritional shakes and bars, vega sport performance shakes for recovery as well as the pre-workout energizers and hydrators, have been developed by Brendan Brazier, are raw vegan, and contain all natural ingredients. They are better than most protein supplements on store shelves, because they contain a complete protein blend that consists of pea protein, sprouted whole grain rice protein and hemp and/or saviseed protein. I have cravings for them because they taste so unbelievably heavenly. My favourite is the Vega One Vanilla Chai. I can’t even explain how amazing this shake is!! It is so satisfying that I look forward to working out again so that I can have another. There are 15 grams of protein, only 2 grams of sugar and only 137 calories in each scoop. Their is no chalky aftertaste, as in most protein brands out on the market. It is no understatement when I say that I have tried quite a few!! I am equally obsessed with the vega one vibrancy bars. They are chocolate covered and come in 3 delectable flavours, chocolate almond, chocolate cherry and double chocolate. They are good for taking with you in your purse or leaving in your car, incase you don’t have time to have a meal.

Mario’s favourite is the Chocolate Performance Protein Shakes. These shakes are also good on their own with only a cup of water, and best after a workout. They contain the correct amount of branch chain amino acids and digestive enzymes to aid in muscle recovery. Strawberry CreamsicleIn my opinion, the best part about these shakes are the recipes that you can make with them. My most recent Strawberry Creamsicle is inspired by my sister in law Josie who loves strawberries, and is made using the Vanilla Performance protein powder. Mario's Protein PuddingMario’s protein pudding is also a new favourite. I am sooo obsessed with it that I sometimes make it for breakfast.

Who says you can’t have chocolate pudding for breakfast?


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