Yonanas: Vegan Summer Dream Machine

yonanasFor anyone out there who says that raw, vegan ice cream cannot be made in under 2 minutes…. to you I say, pshaw! Enter: Yonanas. This machine transforms boring old frozen bananas and fruits into delicious soft-serve style frozen yogurt that can be enjoyed almost instantly. When mixed with other frozen fruits and spices, the bananas take on a neutral vanilla flavour, lending only its sweetness and creamy texture to each recipe.

yonanasYonanas also makes fruit sorbets if you use only frozen fruits and berries in your recipe. You can find tons of recipes on their website including how to make chai, tirimisu and strawberry shortcake vegan ice cream as well as kiwi, mango and strawberry sorbets. My favourite is banana blueberry ice creamy goodness (pictured above). Just pop frozen bananas and the fruits or spices of your choice into the chute and use the plunger to press them down (similar to a juicer). Julia made green tea ice cream by coating the frozen bananas in matcha powder – it gave the ice cream a delicate green tea taste and beautiful colour. Yonanas really allows you to get creative with your flavours, so if you have a Yonanas machine and have a great recipe to share, please post it with us so we all can enjoy it too!

This machine retails for between $60-$80 depending on where you shop. The end result is disturbingly healthy and the best part is, you can fool your kids (or stubborn significant other) into thinking that they are still eating ice cream – that’s just how GOOD it is! They get ice cream and you get the quiet satisfaction of knowing that you’ve found yet another great way of sneaking vitamins and minerals into their happy bodies. Everyone wins!

Happy Yonana-ing!

(A shout-out to my sister who lets me use/steal her Yonanas machine until I get my own for Christmas – hint hint)


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