Giddy YoYo Raw Chocolate


When I first saw Giddy Yoyo at the Whole Life Expo in Toronto, I thought to myself, “A chocolate bar without milk and nasty funk? Impossible!” But I put my skepticism aside and shamelessly charged straight for the free chocolate at Mark + Bridgitte’s booth so I could put my curiousity to rest. The end result, you ask? I sampled every flavour and walked away with a purse full of treats.

These magnificent raw vegan chocolate bars have saved me from feeling like I am missing out on a world of delectable sweets because of my dietary restrictions. Giddy Yoyo now boasts over 12 delectable bars of raw vegan heaven ready to satisfy even the most critical palette: original, vanilla, mint, orange, spicy (with cayenne and cinnamon), ginger, spirulina, banana nutmeg, extra dark, sweet, moka, and maca.

The ingredients are simple: raw arriba nacional cacao paste, raw unrefined cane juice crystals and raw arriba nacional cacao butter as a base and natural flavour ingredients depending on which flavour you buy. The best part is that no matter which flavour I choose to greedily hoover down in its entirety in the privacy of my own home (where no one can judge my gluttonous ways), the creamy texture and sinful richness become the stars in my sky.

Giddy Yoyo has now added an arsenal of raw goodness to their roster of products including mesquite, lucuma, ground vanilla beans, nori sheets….. and so much more! They have everything you need to make raw chocolate and other goodies of your own. The best part is they are a Canadian company and committed to providing pure and delicious products. You can find their booth at every wellness fair and healthy food festival as well as in most health food stores in the city. If you are not in the Toronto area, check out their website Giddy Yoyo for more information on placing orders.

When you have the unparalleled taste of rich chocolate on your tongue and are in your happy place, just smile.


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